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Joy of Medicine

February can be rough, and so I tossed a jacket in the car before we left the house. It was another brutal mid-winter day in Northern California when my wife and I left to meet my sister and her husband in Lodi. Yes – it was 68 degrees…

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The Moral Assault on Health Care

In 1965 Congress created the Medicaid program for families on welfare and low-income seniors. Medicaid is now the nation’s largest health insurance program covering roughly 1 in 5 Americans. The program is paid for by a combination of State and matching Federal funds...

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Not With a Bang, But a Chuckle

As promised, Donald Trump is winning. An assault on American culture and values, aided by Congress and a press too interested in chasing the next scandal, is permitting Donald Trump to march from victory to victory.

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The Moral Link Between Taxes and Health

Perhaps it is okay that the Senate and House are working to reconcile a tax bill that will benefit the rich at the expense of the rest of the nation. We exist in the “double-down on failure, double-down on immorality” era of American politics.

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Immunization – Get the shot

The “flu” occurs as a seasonal epidemic caused by the influenza virus. It begins in October, slowly ramps up to a peak from December through February and then ramps down over the next couple of months with a few cases still being recorded as late as May.

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